PSTC Batanes presents PPAs for 2020

One of the best practices of the PLGU- Batanes headed by the governor, Hon. Marilou Cayco, is the yearly presentation of PPA, which aims to harmonize and align PPA of the provincial govt with that of the NGAs. This year’s was held on Jan.15, 2020 @ HRTC, Provincial Capitol. PD Nora T. Garcia presented for the DOST-PSTC Batanes. She presented the continuing programs and projects such as SETUP, CEST, various […]


Ivatan WMEs Empowered

In order to update the Women Micro Entrepreneurs (WMEs) in the province, a training on food safety and GMP was conducted last Dec. 12, 2019 at the Batanes State College. The said training is an activity under the Women Economic Empowerment ( WEE) project with the PCW. Trainor for the day is the food safety coordinator from DOST R02 Ms. Aileen Gonzales together with Ms. Jennifer Ibañez (WEE Coordinator). PD Nora […]


S&T Scholar on the Go

To be able to increase the number of applicants and thereby increasing the potential number of DOST Scholars, an Info Drive on the different scholarship programs offered by DOST was conducted. Scholarship personnel from the regional office, Ms. Geraldine Cruz, discussed the application process, requirements and scholar’s privileges to different secondary and tertiary schools in the province. Go Ivatan! DOST scholar for the nation.


Waste Recycling Project with the Provincial Government of Batanes

Batanes is known for its pristine and enchanting beauty. It has become one of the growing tourist destinations in the country. In 2018, tourist arrivals tripled the province’s population of 17,000. The population of the province and the influx of tourists in the province resulted to serious problems on waste management. Every day, a single tourist may contribute to 3 to 5 plastics of bottled drinks and plastic wastes. Thus, […]


Ivatan Beer from Camote

Batanes province is endowed with abundant rootcrops such as sweet potato (wakay), yam (uvi), garlic (akus), and tugi (dukay). Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) is perceived as one of the poor man’s food among Filipinos but it is considered as an important crop for Ivatans. Known as “wakay” in Batanes, it is the staple food of the Ivatans wayback from the early centuries. “Wakay” is known to be sweet, tasty, […]