Meat processing training

One of the pressing issues among the hog raisers in Batanes nowadays is the oversupply of pork meat. This may be attributed to increased number of swine raisers and decreasing number of tourists’ arrival due to lean season. Over the last year, local producers increased their production level as shortage on pork supply was reported and as they were encouraged by the good price.

Amidst this pork supply issue in the province is the threat of the deadly African Swine Fever (ASF).  The government is being diligent on the importation of pork meat and products due to the reported increasing swine mortalities in several areas inside and outside the country. Offices involved and the public are reminded to continue implementing precautionary measures to ensure food safety and food security. Batanes, even an isolated province, is not excluded from this danger on swine industry.

Congregating the two issues, one solution seen is to process our own meat products. The key is the “Buy Local, Consume Local” strategy wherein people are advised to patronize locally produced meat products. This will not only ensure the safeness of the product but also will help increase the family income of our local processors.

Hence, after the special meeting on September 2, 2019 of the Provincial Government (thru Veterinary and Agriculture offices), Municipal Government (thru Mun. Agriculture Office) and the National Agencies (DA-BES, DOST and DTI), the group arrived to a consensus to conduct a technology training on meat processing.

Meat processing involves techniques used to delay the spoilage of meat. It is considered as one of the profitable enterprise ventures, since meat is a daily food need of people.

The training was conducted on September 19 and 20, 2019 and covered the production of different meat products from pork. Food safety system was also discussed.

Participants will appreciate and encourage to process meat products with the assurance of producing safe and quality meat products.


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