by: Mitchel Raymund B. Lechuga

 Indeed a Library in a Box!

 Aristotle P. Carandang, PhD, “sir Toti” as they call him, a project leader from the STII with his team installed eight (8) Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Stations (STARBOOKS) units in the province. Beneficiaries of this first Science Digital Library project are:

1.     Batanes National Science High School

2.     Batanes State College

3.     Itbayat National Agricultural High School

4.     Sabtang National School of Fisheries

5.     Mahatao National High School

6.     Itbud Integrated School

7.     Uyugan MLGU

8.     Department of Agriculture – BES

STARBOOKS aims to create interest in the field of science and technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in S&T courses; encourage great and curious minds to develop new ideas – inventions and innovations; and inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research.

 With the help of this project, students, teachers, private sectors and other business oriented groups will no longer or lessen their hassle on researches and assignments by going to computer shops to access the internet for such information needed because STARBOOKS is a standalone information kiosk, hence, information access is possible even without internet connection.


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