Intellectual Property – this refers to the copyrights of any individual who manage to make any intellectually done properties to protect it from any perforation and pilfering activities. For the people of Batanes, this kind of protecting their properties is very important not only for their lives but for the benefits of their works.

 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PHILIPPINES, with the help of its area manager Sir Emmanuel M. Mendoza conducted orientation-seminar in the province on April 2, 2014 at PSTC Library. It was attended by the Batanes Intellectual Property Advocates officers, teachers, LGU’s and some private sectors in the province as well as the local artists.

 The activity focuses on how an individual reserve their rights on the property they possess. It informs what properties can be protected by the IPO and how to avail such. All the participants were so interested that they applied for copyright protection as soon as the seminar has ended.