Work Immersion is one of the course requirements for graduation for Senior High School.

Relative to this, INAHS, TESDA and DOST works hand-in-hand with an over all goal to better prepare SHS students for their future goals and careers, helping the students to familiarize themselves with the workplace simulation and apply their competencies in the particular areas.

Relative to this, the Itbayat National Agricultural High School partnered with DOST-PSTC Batanes for the immersion of five (5) Senior High School Students under the Food Processing -TVL track.

To give these students the real life work experience and at the same time to apply their competencies in food processing, PSTC collaborated with the SETUP beneficiaries: Tawsen Agri-Venture, Pableo’s Food Processing, Doque’s Congie Haus, CAJ Food Products, Triple DJ’s Meat Processing, and partner agency/institution DA-BES and BSC thru its Product Development and Training Center. Trainings on food processing, packaging and labeling and food safety were also accomplished as additional learnings.

And on March 5, 2020, students received their certificate from Provincial Director Nora T. Garcia for the successful completion of the prescribed hours of work immersion.

To our SETUP partners who are always constant on these endeavors, Dios mamahes dinyu du uras, du nanawu kan kadwan pasa sidung nyu…

Congratulations students!


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