The municipality of Itbayat was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 5.4 on July 27,2019 and many homes, livelihood and Agricultural produced were damage. It’s almost one year but the effect of the said disaster is still felt in the municipality. To assist  uplift the current economic status of some women and families, Regional Director Sancho A. Mabborang approved the released P100,000.00 fund as initial assistance for start-up. He believes that the assistance of the government in the provision of livelihood as a source of additional income will surely help the people of Itbayat, in addition to the 45 units of PORTASOL that were released in the municipality.

With the recent SAFE VIT activity of DOST in the municipality, which is the first mix of online and hands-on training in the province, participants were given the chance to learn technology on meat processing, coconut processing and processing products using the given multipurpose portable drying trays (PORTASOL), which they can use as an income generating project and make the initial assistance as revolving fund thereby improving their present situation. Trainees from the training are the ones who will benefit from the project AWESOME or Assistance to Women Entrepreneurs through Science Opportunity on Meat Enterprises.

The Trainees are representative of the different barangays of the municipality of Itbayat which in turn can disseminate the technology to the other barangay mates interested to venture on the same income generating activity. In this way, many people from Itbayat are benefited from the assistance from the government.

Each household in Itbayat is oftentimes self-sufficient enjoying a considerable degree of independence. Chickens, goats, and pigs are occasional protein sources. Cattle are raised mainly for cash but also slaughtered during festivities. The technology transferred to them is not limited only to Pork but includes fruits and rootcrops. With this the transfer of technology is utilized not only by the trainees but also the client of the trainees.


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