In response to DTI’s request, DOST-PSTC Batanes staff and DTI-Batanes Staff, conducted a joint on-site inspections and assessments for the Shared Service Facility (SSF) Project of Sabtang LGU through the Sabtang Food Processors Asso. (Tubho Processors) and Mahatao LGU through the San Carlos Turmeric Processors Asso. on June 23 and 24, 2020, respectively.

The purpose of the site visitation is to assess the capability of the associations, to identify processing equipment that are appropriate for their needs and capacity and to suggest some technologies that can be used by the groups.

SSF for Tubho Processing in Sabtang

Tubho is the One Town, One Product (OTOP) of the municipality of Sabtang. It is a traditional tea of Ivatan made from dried leaves of a local fern and is believed to have antioxidant properties. Tubho processors was then associated themselves to concentrate on Tubho processing as it has seen to be economically viable enterprise.

To enhance the productivity and competiveness of the group for the proposed SSF for the Tubho Processing, the following are recommended:

  1. The group’s primary product is Tubho Tea (powdered Tubho packed in tea bag); introduction of other products such as Ready-To-Drink Tubho Tea and Brewed Tubho
  2. Dehydrator/ Cabinet Dryer to dry the raw materials faster even during rainy season (use of portable solar drying trays/PORTASOL in drying during sunny days to minimize electricity cost)
  3. Pulverizing machine, 100mesh to pulverize their own product and to increase production capacity
  4. Tea Bag Packing Machine for the automation packing of powdered Tubho
  5. Vacuum packing machine to extend shelf life of products
  6. Stainless steel working table
  7. Stainless Steel mobile sink
  8. Continuous Vertical Band Sealer for fast, efficient and secure sealing of products in foil pack
  9. Improved packaging labels through direct printed labels on packaging
  10. Product analysis, e.g. shelf life, nutrition facts, chemical and microbial

Moreover, with the provision of these equipment, processing area with bigger space is suggested, complying to the standards on GMP and Food Safety for future acquisition of FDA-License To Operate.

SSF for Turmeric Processing in Mahatao

Turmeric (hama in Ivatan) is one of the known agricultural product in the province. It is one of the product of Batanes that tourists would like to buy because of the idea of organic, as turmeric in the province is grown naturally, free from chemicals, and also because of the numerous health benefits such as the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect and potential to prevent heart disease.

After the on-site inspection and actual interview with the association, the following are recommended in order to improve the product and boost the production of the group:

  1. Mechanical or Cabinet Dryer/dehydrator for faster drying even during rainy season (PORTASOL to minimize electric cost during sunny days)
  2. Multi-Chipping Machine with multiple blades for easy and efficient chipping
  3. Pulverizer machine with 100mesh to increase production capacity
  4. Form-Fill-Seal Machine is recommended for packing powdered turmeric in sachet with direct printed label
  5. Vacuum Packing Machine, single chamber to extend shelf life of products
  6. Stainless Steel Table, standard size to be compliant on GMP standards
  7. Improved packaging material with the use of food-safe PET jars with induction sealer/aluminum foil seal for more aesthetic packaging and value adding
  8. Induction Sealing Machine for the new packaging materials to seal the product airtight
  9. Continuous Vertical Band Sealer for fast, efficient and thicker sealing index of products in foil pack
  10. Product analysis, e.g. shelf life, nutrition facts, chemical and microbial

Just like in Sabtang, bigger processing facility is also recommended to house the proposed equipment. Production facility should also GMP and Food Safety compliant in preparation to acquisition of FDA-LTO. Additional farm area is also needed for the sustainability of raw materials.

Furthermore, technology trainings should be in place to develop new or deeper and update skills and knowledge of the members.


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