Engr. Neil Martinez  tirelessly discussed the OSH system and shared some personal experiences as safety officer

The Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. 02 in collaboration with Saint Dominic College of Batanes, Inc. conducted a Live-out Training on Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) Course at SDC Function Hall on May 4 to 6, 2019.


ARD Bilgera and PD Garcia shared a short message to BOSH participants

ARD Bilgera and PD Garcia shared a short message to BOSH participants

DOST with VP Caasi of SDC and resource speaker, Engr. Martinez and Ms. Roy of PEME Consultancy Inc.

Pre-Test and Post-Test was administered to gauge the participants’ learnings

The training aimed to prepare participants to formulate and implement occupational safety and health programs in their company. It also aimed to improve and strengthen workplace safety and health practices by developing the skills of safety practitioners and ensure that an OSH system is properly practiced and extended to workers.

A simple program was prepared to officially start the activity. Mrs. Eufemia B. Caasi, Vice-President of SDCBI warmly welcomed the guests and participants. Meanwhile, PD Nora Garcia and ARD Virginia Bilgera shared a short message, both urging the participants to make the most out of the training since it is rare to conduct such training in Batanes, and it is costly to attend one in mainland. They also shared that basic knowledge and skills on OSH will enable participants to plan/develop their company’s Safety and Health program.

Engr. Neal C. Martinez, the resource speaker, is a Mechanical Engineer. He had worked for different companies in and outside the Philippines as a safety officer, hence his undisputed expertise on this field. During the duration of the training, he shared his personal experiences as samples on the different topics he discussed.

The discussion flows from 24 topics. It includes topics that identify work hazards and risks and recommend control measures to reduce or eliminate work-related accidents and illness.

He also explained why we need to learn key concepts in prevention and how we can respond to existing and potential hazards that affect the human body, personal lives, families and communities.

At the end of the training, a certificate for the accreditation of Safety Officer was given to participants as per DOLE’s requirement pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS).


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